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7 inch radar integrated machine constant G7PRO Deluxe Edition 2680

Update: 2013/6/11View:
  • Brand: zh
  • Type: G7PRO
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  In the constant G7PRO Deluxe Edition is the first 7 inch radar product of machine of an organic whole, fusion of timely and accurate early warning radar and parallel to the GPS product navigation skills, and 7 inch big screen high-definition display in one of the. And integrated into the bidirectional driving recorder, in performance is quite good. Recently, small make up in Shijiazhuang prance digital understands, the latest GPS price is 2680 yuan. Like friends may wish to know more about.

  In the constant G7PRO deluxe design, the biggest feature is the use of zinc alloy metal casing, a front panel fusion mirror screen design, back shell with better heat dissipation, the sense of holding excellent plastic matte work. Including MiniUSB, headphones and AVIN and support extended storage of TF card slot as the overall expansion interface is satisfactory.

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